Quick, short programs because let’s face it, we all have life situations that throw us out of our “normal” state.  We will work together to find what you need to get you back on track.  Let’s get your energy, your weight, your sleep, your exercise routine, your meditation practice (you pick one) back on track.  These 1-2 week programs will give you a quick win!.

Are you ready to finally get on track with healthy eating (and actually stay there)?

We all know what clean eating is all about. But actually doing it? That’s another story.

What if you had a simple plan to get the junk food out and the healthy food in, even if your schedule is packed?

Hey friend! I know you have tons of info about healthy eating already. But how often are the clean snacks for work, the eight glasses of water per day, or the healthy recipe prep totally forgotten?


What you need is a plan to make it happen

The 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge comes with everything you need to jump-start your healthy eating routine, regardless of how much time you DON’T have.

When you sign up for this challenge, you get:

  • Daily tips for clean eating & a healthy mindset
  • 16 delicious, easy to prepare recipes you and your family will LOVE
  • A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the store
  • A 7-day suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you don’t have to wonder what to prepare
  • My Daily Clean Eating AND Clean Eating On the Go Checklists, to print out and post on the fridge or in the office so you can stay on track!

Plus you get two thirty minute sessions to review the challenge and your learning and wins.

Perhaps your focus is on physical movement or stress reduction or sleep habits.  I’ve got short, focused programs for those too!   Schedule your FREE Consultation Session to discuss what you desire to achieve.


Stop feeling overwhelmed.  Stop trying to solve your biggest health challenge in one step.  Instead prioritize one habit that would provide gratification and fulfillment.  Then let’s turn that desire into consistent, achievable action.  Individualized to your goals and actions. Once you’ve set your path, we meet weekly to ensure you don’t wander off course.  Accountability baby!

Find it difficult to stay consistently motivated?

Aren’t making enough  progress towards your goals?

Want to find success quickly?

Let’s work together to achieve your goals faster.

What is accountability?

Definition  (Merriam-Webster): the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

You know what you need and want to do, you just can’t seem to quite get there on your own.  Perhaps you haven’t prioritized your health and wellness goals enough until NOW.  Let’s put them at the top and invest in YOU today.

What do you get?

Initial CLARITY call with worksheets sent prior for review during session

  • Worksheet for Goal Definition AND
  • Short and Long Term Objectives
  • Short Term Action Plan (30 days)
  • 5 Whys exercise


  1. Weekly 15-30 minute ZOOM call
  2. Call summary provided
  3. Probing questions to help reveal wins and challenges
  4. Together we decide on homework for the week
  5. 2-3 motivations during the week to inspire and challenge
  6. Tracking system

Summary call of learnings and next steps with a celebration certificate


A healthy lifestyle often requires change across multiple aspects of our lives.  You know you should eat better, get more sleep, exercise frequently, drink lots of water, de-stress.  You even know the first steps or maybe even the whole process required to get to the healthier version of yourself.  But you haven’t quite gotten to where you want to be.  Now is the time.

Are you convinced yet that there is no silver bullet, one size fits all answer to health and wellbeing?  Then I’m glad you are here.

Let’s stop being obsessed with a number on the scale and start focusing on how we feel.  Are you ready to feel energized, vibrant, and alive?

Of course you are.

But does any of this sound like you?

The message is clear—Americans are well intentioned when it comes to their health and wellness goals, but their aspirations are not yet reality. We want to be healthier, to eat better, to exercise, we know what we need to do to lead healthier lives, yet our busy lifestyles get in the way.

For example, while 75 percent of us say we feel we can manage health issues through proper nutrition, a whole 91 percent of us admit to snacking all day on candy, ice cream and chips.

American consumers overwhelmingly aspire to lead healthy lives. For example, 89 percent say taking personal responsibility for one’s health is the best way to stay healthy, 75 percent say they feel they can manage health issues through nutrition, and 64 percent say they will take whatever means necessary to control their own health. However, when it comes down to putting those thoughts into action, only 70 percent say they’re actually “actively trying to be healthier,” 50 percent say it’s a challenge to eat healthy, and 66 percent say they don’t exercise enough.

How do you go from well intentioned to intentionally taking action on a consistent basis?

Gradually, one step at a time.

We work together to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes over a 6-month period of time so we can ensure these changes are sustainable.  As these new lifestyle habits accumulate, my clients find these changes collectively creating a significant impact on their wellbeing.  We are all unique in our circumstances, goals, desires, health profiles, beliefs; well you get the idea.  As such, we work on what YOU want to improve.

Schedule a Free Session to explore and chose what options work best for YOU.

Are you curious?

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