I want to be clear about one thing — this challenge is meant to be easy to implement.  You don’t need more stuff on your plate during these busy months, and I’m not here to overwhelm you.

What I am here to do is to help show you how small changes turn into significant results.  It really can be that simple!  We’re going to focus on one small change each week for the remainder of December– that’s it.  This week, we’re going to focus on breakfast.

If you don’t usually eat breakfast, it’s time to find a quick & healthy breakfast to have every day this week.  This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this from me, I know.  But in the rush of the morning, we can grab food or forego altogether fueling our bodies.

If you usually reach for a processed carb such as a bagel or breakfast bar, let’s switch it up this week and eat something healthy and filling with lots of fiber, healthy fats and protein.

I also want you to focus on healthy liquids.  Make sure you drink enough water (goal is half of your body weight in oz) — if that’s a reach for you, start smaller and work your way up.  With the cold, we can tend to drink less but now is a time when we need liquids.   Staying hydrated helps boost our immunity and flush our systems.  Don’t want water, try herbal teas for a warm drink.

So that’s it.  Healthy breakfast and drink enough water this week.

I’m including some new healthy breakfast options.

Here are 2 new favorites:

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast In A Hurry Recipes

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